Author: Paul Jewell PhD
Publisher: Common Ground Publishing at On Diversity, a series imprint of the University Press Copyright 2010. ISBN 978 1 86335 754 8

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Disability Ethics develops a framework that will serve as a guide for making ethical decisions. This framework will be useful to the following groups of people, and to students in related areas.

Practitioners and Professionals

Practitioners whose primary role is to provide services to people with disabilities.
Professionals whose clients include people with disabilities. This includes social services such as Health, Education, Welfare, and Aged Care.

Providers and policy makers

Managers of organisations that provide services to clients with disabilities.
People engaged in writing or implementing policies concerning provision of disability services.
People engaged in writing or implementing policies that have an impact on the lives of people with disabilities for example in local government, transport, building codes etcetera.

Consumers, clients and advocates

People engaged in influencing or advocating for policies that impact on people with disabilities.
And, of course, people with disabilities, their families, friends and supporters.


People who are interested in social justice.
People who are interested in public policy, the role of government and government responsibilities.